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The untold story of cricket world cup logo

The concept of Logo designing is not only confined to Business promotion. Even in big sporting contest also it matters a lot and contains lot of meaning too. Now its time for us to know something about the Logo Designing history of Cricket World Cup. The first Cricket World cup was held in 1975 but at that point of time there were no Logo for that sporting event. The first Logo for Cricket world Cup was designed in 1992 in the names of Benson & hedges.

Now let's explore the history of World cup cricket Logo design for All the years till now:-

1) Benson & Hedges World cup 1992 :-
With the advent of Internet and social media in 1992 the first logo for cricket World cup was designed. The logo designers of that time created simple yet elegant Logo which was super imposed in TV screen and print media effortlessly. The Logo actually resembles the tropical Character of New Zealand and Australia where the world cup was hosted. These Logo has gained popularity because it had looked awesomely cool on team's jersey.

2) Willis World Cup (1996):- The Logo of these world cup does not create much impression in the minds of the viewers. 1996 World cup was hosted by three Nations India, Srilanka , Pakistan. These Logo was not so popular like the previous one because of its less appealing feature in it.

3) ICC world Cup (1999):- For the first Time ICC has used its name in the Logo to epitomize the World Cricket Board and the venue was in England so its name was also mentioned in it. The Logo highlights the picture of Indian fast bowler Debasis Mohanty's bowling action in it.

4) ICC World Cup ( 2003) :- ICC World Cup 2003 was held in the African Nation of Kenya, South Africa & Zimbabwe in the African triumvirate. That is the reason why Zebra stripe along with a yellow eye is used in the Logo. These actually resembles the forestry, and the natural flora & fauna of African Continent.

5) ICC World Cup (2007) :- The 2007 world cup was held in West indies . The logo which was designed clearly depicts the Caribbean life style with a symbol of West Indian spirit. The tropical climate with a coconut tree along with a man in red jersey of west Indies dancing was the symbol of life style and the free nature of there people.

6) ICC World Cup (2011) :-It was designed by the Australian firm Witekite, The logo design for 2011 world Cup earn huge points due to its concept. As it resembles that people of India , Sri lanka & Bangladesh were coming together to welcome the other nations to participate in the event.

  1. ICC World Cup (2015):- 2015 World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand. It resembles the Maori and Ab original Motifs coming together to portray a batsman playing master stroke.


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