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How e-commerce business dominating with supersizing Print Marketing

How about driving your business with the handwritten communication? (Stop shuddering) Digital promotion seems to be easier right! But print media can be a largely helpful in making a business get desired awareness and success that has only online existence. Though, you may think that print media is almost at the verge of getting obsolete. Whereas, you will be surprised to know that it has a lot more potential to make your brand an established name in the industry.

Some points here will help you notice the relevancy of print till date:

The brick-and-mortar businesses completely rely on print, as they use various printed promotional ways like emailing postcards, window decals, big banners, sidewalk signage specifically while any sale or discount offers.

Enhanced Trustworthiness

Print calls for more sense than digital techniques, as it has more credibility and is impactful. As the target audience can feel the print materials. That is tangibility helps in memorability and popularity.

Greater audience appeal

Print is the measuring tool for the various formats of digital representations while you create a great logo, think of the appeal when you create on paper. great print design using graphics, like in the case of a logo, it looks much more genuine on a business card or letterhead.

Better response for campaigns

Print helps you to estimate the ability of the promotional campaign to engage viewers before getting to the digital crutch. You can easily compare the difference between the audience engagement rate if you compare the awareness created with a print campaign with a flyer and a promotional email which many time goes unnoticed. A print material is always more compelling to get audiences attention.
Print media remains useful from the time there was no clickable material or videos available for the audiences.

Because we are completely always involved online we never get a chance to know the local business market as well as we should. This results in restricting the business from getting a local, loyal customer base. Probably it's easier to get new customers than retaining the existing ones. And retaining them is beneficial in two ways. They spend more on your products and they publicize your brand through 'word of mouth'. So create a local awareness with interesting print material and enjoy the advantage.

Now, let's focus on how can it boost e-commerce:
More online-based companies are implementing print promotional techniques than you may think. According to a survey report of CMI conducted is 2015 top brands are relying on print and other non-internet based tools up to 57% in North America. If you order anything from a big brand have you noticed their brochure or catalog in your mailbox, re-assuring the power of print!

Shoppers can easily browse through the products and purchase; this is used acquire impressive online profits. There are applications like Pounce to ease the process. Using smaller catalogs for maximizing the traffic, begins with a limited print test is carried to gauge the effectiveness and then marketing strategy is planned.



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