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How to select a Logo Design Agency?

How do you select an online logo design agency with something as important as your company's new corporate identity? How can you choose one from the sea of thousands of instant online logo websites?
Common errors and how to avoid them
The most common error that often leads to a poor logo design is simply underestimating the logo's importance. When you decide to have a logo, do it right from the very beginning. Think twice but design it once. Look ahead at least 5 to 10 years, give yourself enough time to evaluate your objectives and make sure they are reflected in your new logo. It may prove very costly in the future if you invest in a wrong corporate identity. Re-designing and re-applying a logo into an existing set of communication materials will cost money and time in re-establishing your brand. Hiring services from reliable logo design agency can be a little be little expensive matter but the results payoff.
Many start-up companies with limited budget try to save on branding and marketing by ordering their logos from cheap-and-cheerful online logo providers. The question is - how much will a cheap-and-cheerful logo help their business in the log run? I'd say, probably about as much as a bumper sticker will help to increase the resale value of a used car. The real identity may cost a few dollars more, but will pay back many times over in the long run. Custom logo design services are like boon to have the desired logo design in the apt way.

How to pick the right logo company
Surprisingly there aren't that many factors to consider when choosing the right company for your logo design. Price, logo samples and testimonials are the most important factors you should consider when choosing an online logo design company. Take your time and check some of the logo samples featured in the portfolio section. For an inexperienced eye it might be challenging to tell the difference between a good and a bad logo. Here are some hints on how to assess a logo, followed by 3 case studies:

1. The law of perception: First and for most, a logo has to be immediately recognizable and identifiable. What that means is that you have to be able to describe what you see at very first glance.

2. The law of corporate objective: A company's logo should reflect the very essence of the business it represents or visually reinforce the name of the company.

3. The law of applicability: There are a few important technical requirements of a good logo. It has to work well in many different applications like print, web, embroidery, packaged goods, etc. It also has to be legible in various sizes, from a very large building sign all the way down to a quarter of an inch in size.


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